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Releasing June 9, 2023


Memento Mori (April 19, 2022)

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PHOBIA: New album releasing June 9, 2023!

The story so far

Phobia is lucky number 13, aka the halfway point of the Alpha project. Once the other, less-polished releases are brought up to the same level of quality, the letters M, N, O, and P will have been completed. Listeners will then have the opportunity to experience a four-album run of the eventual completed project.

Phobia represents a further evolution of The Biscuit Merchant's signature "melting pot metal" by incorporating elements of thrash, death, and doom metal. The tapestry is finished with a thin layer of progressive leanings to create a musical roller coaster that every metal nerd can respect.

The frantic power of Dematerialize effortlessly flows into the pensively proggy Frail Sister, taking a detour to classic proto-thrash in Unsilenced Fanatic, eventually returning to death-doom in Trauma Collective. The 9-string riffs make themselves known in the menacing Distress Signal, before giving way to the waves of Superior Shores. Finally, Invocation provides an anthemic stomp before returning to truly dark melodeath with In Timore Dei.

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The "BAND"

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Justin Lawnchair


Justin Lawnchair

Bass Guitar/Background Vocals

Justin Lawnchair



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